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Hello, Chris here, founder of Southeast Superfoods. Thank you for visiting our website! As we all are, Southeast Superfoods is a work in progress. It started as a personal quest to regain my health and vitality. Approaching 50 years of age and 200 lbs. I found myself suffering from all the typical health problems spawned by the Standard American Diet. I began to research diet and nutrition and made a conscious effort to change my eating habits. Leaving the sugar, processed grains, pre-packaged and fast foods behind, I started making morning smoothies with Superfoods. Thirty pounds gone and energy returned I have become a Superfood Enthusiast. 

What are Superfoods? Superfoods are nutrient dense, calorie sparse foods that provide more nutritional bang per ounce. Superfoods are naturally full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, essential fats, fiber, protein and more. While none of this is intended to replace your doctor or to treat or cure any disease, I cannot emphasize enough the benefits that adding Superfoods to your diet can make in your health and vitality.

Eat Super, Feel Super, Be Super! Thanks for visiting our site and have an Awesome Day!

"Let your Food be thy Medicine

and your Medicine be thy Food"

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