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Raw Organic Hemp Protein Powder
 Hemp is known for its incredible versatility as an industrial crop, and its raw seeds have recently gained popularity as a heart-healthy superfood. By grinding the seeds into a fine powder, we are able to create an excellent plant-based protein powder – perfect for vegan, vegetarian, or hypoallergenic lifestyles. At 50% protein by weight, hemp contains all nine essential amino acids along with important branched-chain amino acids.  These amino acids help support healthy muscles and connective tissues, and may help improve athletic performance and recovery.


Unlike other vegan protein powders, hemp contains a high amount of dietary fiber as well as omega fatty acids. This makes hemp a unique source of support for muscles, heart, and digestive health. One serving contains 15g protein, 7g fiber, 2g omega-6, and 0.6g omega-3. This easily-digestible, nutrient-dense protein powder is unlike any other!


The Sunfood Difference™
Our raw, organic Hemp Protein Powder is gently cold-processed, preserving vital nutrients and enzymes that can be damaged by heat. No preservatives, additives, or processing aids are used at any point in the manufacturing process. The pure, nutty flavor of this finely-ground superfood protein powder blends easily into smoothies, desserts, and other recipes. 

Hemp Protein, 8oz, Organic, Raw

SKU: 2433
  • Mix one scoop with 6oz – 10oz pure water (depending on your consistency preference), or try using almond milk or coconut water.Hemp protein has a nutty flavor that tastes great with cacao, vanilla, or lucuma powder. Add yacon syrup to sweeten it up, and/or blend in some fresh or frozen fruit!

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