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Certified Organic Black Botija Olives
These soft, tender black olives are scrumptious with just the right texture. They're the perfect snack to enjoy right out of the bag or pour over your favorite savory dish. Technically a fruit, our delectable Botija olives are packed with nutrition and have vitamins A and E, calcium, iron, and beautifying oleic acid, a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.


The Sunfood Difference
Did you know that most olives are picked long before they are truly ripe and can even be softened with chemicals such as lye? Some olives are artificially darkened with an iron compound called ferrous gluconate, and all canned olives are pasteurized (cooked). Our certified organic Botija olives are hand selected when ripe, sea salt cured and low temperature dried for a unique olive experience.


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Olives, Black Botija, Pitted, 8oz, Organic, Raw

SKU: 1120
  • Botija Olives have:

    Vitamin A which may contribute to healthy immunity, vision, bone health and cell integrity

    Vitamin E which may function as an antioxidant as well as contribute to healthy immunity and heart health

    Calcium which may assist in supporting strong bones.

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