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Raw Organic Pea Protein
This raw, organic protein powder is derived from yellow peas and is an amazing source of highly digestible and bioavailable protein. It is 80% protein by weight – a high ratio similar to brown rice protein, making it more concentrated than other vegan sources such as hemp and sacha inchi.

Full of essential and branched-chain amino acids that help support healthy muscles and connective tissues, it may help improve athletic performance and recovery. Pea Protein is especially high in the essential amino acid Lysine.

Dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free, Pea Protein is perfect for a plant-based lifestyle or for those who need a hypoallergenic source of protein. Elite athletes aren’t the only ones who appreciate the benefits of a pure, all-natural, vegan protein powder – try it for yourself!


The Sunfood Difference™
Along with being certified organic and verified Non-GMO, our Pea Protein is a fully raw product, meaning it is processed at low temperatures to preserve delicate enzymes and nutrients that can be damaged by heat. We believe this is what makes our products nutritionally superior. There are no additives, preservatives or processing aids used at any point in the manufacturing process. 

Pea Protein, 8oz, Organic, Raw

SKU: 2435
  • Mix one serving with 6oz – 10oz pure water (depending on your consistency preference), or try using almond milk or coconut water.

    Pea Protein has a light flavor that tastes great with cacao, vanilla, or lucuma powder. Add yacon syrup to sweeten it up, and/or blend in some fresh or frozen fruit!


    Consume 30 - 45 minutes before exercising, immediately after exercising, or any time you need an extra energy boost!

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