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Turmeric & Super Herbs Capsules - The Sunfood™ Difference

This blend contains a powerful compound found in turmeric called curcumin - renowned for helping to normalize inflammation in the body. Combined with a nourishing medley of herbs, it may help support healthy joints, muscles, the immune system, and brain function. Made with organic Turmeric and five potent herbs in a vegan capsule.


Read more about the benefits of Turmeric:

Turmeric & Super Herbs Capsules, 601mg | 90ct

SKU: 2452
  • Turmeric

    • Contains a powerful compound called curcuminoids that help to balance and normalize inflammation in the body
    • Helps with joint strength and mobility, perfect for athletes or people with joint problems
    • High in antioxidants that fight free radical damage and boosts the immune system



    • Also helps to balance out inflammation in the body, promotes a happy digestive system
    • Helps reduce nausea and indigestion
    • Boosts immune system, contains antioxidants gingerol that promotes healthy cell growth
    • Helps to balance blood sugar levels



    • Helps balance inflammation, support joint health, and promote optimal mobility
    • Helps to loosen and relax stiff joints, increasing mobility and range of motion
    • Also supports healthy lung function


    Willow Bark

    • Anti-Inflammatory: can help alleviate inflammation symptoms in respiratory tract, gastrointestinal system, and joints
    • Anti-bacterial (willow bark is what aspirin made of)
    • Supports skin health due to the high content of antioxidant compounds
    • Metabolism-bosting 


    Devil's Claw

    • Anti-Inflammatory herb
    • Can help relieve the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis, particularly when it affects the knee or hip
    • Antispasmodic: aids in muscle pain
    • Is known to relieve back pain, heart burn, fever, migranes and headaches 


    Alpha-lipoic acid

    • An antioxidant and helps reduce oxidative stress
    • Improves insulin sensitivity
    • Is known to preserve eye health: it halts oxidative damage that can result in modified DNA in retina
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